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Tigreal Mobile Legend Go Basic Stats

In every battle, the mystic warrior Tigreal always fought in the front line and never suffered defeat. Even the vilest of enemies did not dare to challenge Tigreal on the battlefield, because they knew such a foolish action would only be met with Tigreal's merciless blade. The name of Tigreal, a believer in th Lord of Light, has become synonymous with bravery and fearlessness. His kingdom has conferred upon him the honorable title of Warrior of Light as a reward.

Score compare to the highest Heroes stats

Durability 9/9
Offence 5/9
Ability 7/9
Difficulty 3/10

How strong is Tigreal ?

Tigreal is Weak It's offence is 5/9 .
Move Speed 3
Physical Attack 112
HP Regen 42
Armor 25
Health Point 2756
Mana 450
Attack Speed 8.2

Tigreal Skin

Tigreal Build

Buy item from the left first.