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Natalia Mobile Legend Go Basic Stats

Natalia was raised from a little girl by the Church of Light and trained into one of the Church's assassins. This young phenom had risen to become the top assassin for the Church via her outstanding talents, but then on one assassination mission, she failed, causing her companion to meet with unprecedented disaster. Although she was able to escape danger with Tigreal's help, this was undoubtedly a severe blow to proud Natalia. To prove herself again, she exiled herself to the outskirts of the land far from the Empire and the Church to carry out more dangerous missions. Who is her target? Will she be able to win back all that she once possessed?

Score compare to the highest Heroes stats

Durability 6/9
Offence 9/9
Ability 5/9
Difficulty 4/10

How strong is Natalia ?

Natalia is Very Strong It's offence is 9/9 .
Move Speed 3
Physical Attack 121
HP Regen 35
Armor 18
Health Point 2465
Mana 486
Attack Speed 9.1

Natalia Skin

Natalia Build

Buy item from the left first.