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Minotaur Mobile Legend Go Basic Stats

The labyrinth-dwelling Minotaur was once a symbol of power for the entire kingdom, up until he was defeated by a youth from a far-off land. In the many months and years since, he has trained alone in his labyrinth, hoping for the day he may have a chance of defeating the young man. Time endowed the Minotaur with intelligence, and he learned how to concentrate his fury into more powerful explosions of strength. When he finally emerged from his labyrinth, he discovered that the thriving Minoan civilization had long ceased to be, and that the whole world had moved on. As he sat lamenting the absence of a proper outlet to show off his powers, a voice from a distant alternate dimension summoned him. This is how the Minotaur came to the Land of Dawn, where he can fully unleash his power and restore his name as the Son of Minos.

Score compare to the highest Heroes stats

Durability 9/9
Offence 6/9
Ability 5/9
Difficulty 4/10

How strong is Minotaur ?

Minotaur is Normal It's offence is 6/9 .
Move Speed 3
Physical Attack 123
HP Regen 44
Armor 25
Health Point 2705
Mana -
Attack Speed 7

Minotaur Skin

Minotaur Build

Buy item from the left first.