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Hayabusa Mobile Legend Go Basic Stats

In the town of Iga, the strongest ninja of every generation receives the title of Shadow, responsible for the most dangerous and difficult missions, protecting the town of Iga day in and day out, all without the knowledge of its inhabitants. At present, the freshly-anointed Shadow of Iga, Hayabusa, has been transported to the Land of Dawn to to carry out the most dangerous and difficult of missions: find and kill previous generation's Shadow who betrayed and killed his friend, the one who was once lauded as the greatest ninja Iga had seen in centuries.

Score compare to the highest Heroes stats

Durability 6/9
Offence 8/9
Ability 5/9
Difficulty 6/10

How strong is Hayabusa ?

Hayabusa is Strong It's offence is 8/9 .
Move Speed 3
Physical Attack 114
HP Regen 37
Armor 17
Health Point 2555
Mana 479
Attack Speed 8.5

Hayabusa Skin

Hayabusa Build

Buy item from the left first.