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Gord Mobile Legend Go Basic Stats

Gord was born in a magic world, and from birth manipulating magic energy was like breathing air to him. His love of mystic magic was particularly powerful, and almost immediately he was able to master some of the most profound mystic spells in all of magic. As he slowly grew older, his reliance on mystic energy became more severe, until finally mystic emblems seeped into his skin and bones and transformed his appearance.

Score compare to the highest Heroes stats

Durability 6/9
Offence 5/9
Ability 9/9
Difficulty 8/10

How strong is Gord ?

Gord is Weak It's offence is 5/9 .
Move Speed 2
Physical Attack 105
HP Regen 32
Armor 13
Health Point 2302
Mana 570
Attack Speed 7.65

Gord Skin

Gord Build

Buy item from the left first.