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Bruno Mobile Legend Go Basic Stats

Born in the slums, Bruno was always more frail than other children his age, but this did not prevent him from having a heart that yearned for freedom. One day in a terrible incident, Bruno lost both of his legs trying to save a friend, causing him to pretty much give up on life. The scholars of Eruditio however heard his story, and out of pity for his misfortune and admiration for his bravery, they decided to use the city's most advanced technology to make a new pair of legs for him. When Bruno was finally able to stand on two legs again, he was surprised to discover that his mechanical legs allowed him to run like the wind. To express his gratitude, Bruno vowed to always protect the City of Scholars to his dying breath. Eruditio in turn made an energy ball weapon that works with his mechanical legs, and from that day, anyone who tried to cross the citizens of Eruditio were met with Bruno's merciless attacks. The people simply call him The Protector.

Score compare to the highest Heroes stats

Durability 5/9
Offence 8/9
Ability 6/9
Difficulty 5/10

How strong is Bruno ?

Bruno is Strong It's offence is 8/9 .
Move Speed 2
Physical Attack 116
HP Regen 30
Armor 17
Health Point 2402
Mana 439
Attack Speed 8.5

Bruno Skin

Bruno Build

Buy item from the left first.