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Alucard Mobile Legend Go Basic Stats

When just a child, both of Alucard's parents were killed by demons and he was imprisoned and suffered cruelties at their hands for several months, until finally he was rescued by demon hunters and raised by them. From a young age, he was raised to be an outstanting demon hunter, with an extreme enmity for the demon race. The three iron laws of the demon hunters are: Swear no allegiance to any army; Spare not a single one of demonkind. Never stop carrying out missions.

Score compare to the highest Heroes stats

Durability 5/9
Offence 9/9
Ability 5/9
Difficulty 4/10

How strong is Alucard ?

Alucard is Very Strong It's offence is 9/9 .
Move Speed 3
Physical Attack 118
HP Regen 39
Armor 21
Health Point 2593
Mana -
Attack Speed 9

Alucard Skin

Alucard Build

Buy item from the left first.