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Alice Mobile Legend Go Basic Stats

Thousands of years ago, the humans defeated the Blood Deamons and imprisoned their queen Alice in the dark abyss. Today, the land of dawn faces a huge disturbance. The seal's power has slowly weakened, and Alice has broken free of her ancient prison, driven mas by her endless lust for blood. She has sucked the life out of any creature in her path, and now, momentarily satisfied, she has set her sights on...

Score compare to the highest Heroes stats

Durability 6/9
Offence 6/9
Ability 7/9
Difficulty 7/10

How strong is Alice ?

Alice is Normal It's offence is 6/9 .
Move Speed 2
Physical Attack 109
HP Regen 36
Armor 21
Health Point 2397
Mana 493
Attack Speed 8

Alice Skin

Alice Build

Buy item from the left first.